Handler Services

Handler Services

Every manufacturer’s product support differs from its competitors, and sometimes from product to product, or region to region. As support options fluctuate in step with OEMs’ evolving product portfolios, customers may be left to fend for themselves or forced to upgrade sooner than planned for lack of available parts and service.

Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) recognizes that, no matter what manufacturers are able or willing to deliver, your company needs long-term solutions for support. Engaging BSE to provide ongoing service contracts and other supplemental solutions insulates your business from declining support commitments and product replacement cycles.

We will work independently or with your preferred providers to assume and extend the servicing of products and systems, doing whatever is needed to maintain or add value to your investments in technology. We will assume, or design and tailor, the support services you need or currently use, including:

Automation Services


BSE provides factory trained experts to complete installation and set-up on all BSE’s industry-leading platforms. Whenever possible BSE utilizes local Field Service team…


BSE provides a factory warranty on all of its industry-leading gravity and pick & place platforms.    The warranty starts at the completion of the system Installation…


BSE provides focused, high-caliber training on all BSE’s industry-leading platforms. Classes are held at BSE factories as well as onsite at customer locations and kept small…

Parts Replacement

BSE regional logistics centers maintain a vast inventory of available parts. To minimize the disruption times associated with replacing faulty parts, BSE customers can login to eMV

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