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Introducing Zeus High Voltage

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BSE Zeus gravity semiconductor device test handler

What Sets Us Apart?

Partnership with our customers to deliver high-performance electronics test handling equipment and service solutions for semiconductor device testing. Motivated by the growing need for flexible IC test solutions, Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) thrives on solving complex technology problems with production-ready electronic test handling equipment built for the long haul.

BSE’s biggest accomplishments are the result of close customer partnerships that challenge our team to push the edges of technology and deliver exceptional value both for today and tomorrow. 

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The automotive electronics industry is quickly evolving into one of the largest developers and consumers of semiconductors and is sparking a revolutionary transition…


The world’s demand for power is insatiable driving accelerated use of technologies such as wide-bandgap semiconductors. We are experiencing an energy revolution like no other in history. With more demand comes the need for better efficiency…

Collaborative Tech

We live in a world of greater connectivity which has sparked revolutionary integrated circuit design. Smart devices have advanced the way in which we discover information as well as create and transmit data…


Privatization of the aerospace industry is driving semiconductor demand to fuel new dimensions of speed and performance to support ambitious missions to space…


The healthcare industry is reliant on advancing semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Incredible Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)…

AI and Big Data

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise fueling a new generation of speed and automation enabled by advanced semiconductors to harness the power of data for a more creative and productive world…

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