The Devices Driving Our Growth

Analog and Mixed Signal Devices

At the heart of consumer electronics are analog, digital and mixed-signal device applications. Analog devices deliver a continuous variable signal and digital devices deliver discrete signals represented in two states, “on” or “off.” The combination of analog and digital devices produces a mixed-signal device that offers the advantage of low cost, reliable performance. To ensure consistent performance, BSE’s packaging and test customers need test handler and test automation systems that are flexible, and productive. Our Zeus and Panacea products deliver production-proven performance day in and day out.

MEMS Devices

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are the tiny devices we, perhaps, take for granted inside countless electronics we use every day. Smartphones, smartwatches, cars, drones, medical devices, etc. use MEMS devices to sense a variety of forces such as acceleration and pressure. BSE’s state-of-the-art test handler technologies are used in the testing and sorting of pressure MEMS devices. BSE’s pressure MEMS solutions are fully integrated cells and are available in our Zeus gravity or Panacea pick-and-place test handlers.

High Voltage Devices

The global market for power semiconductors is expected to reach US $59B by 2027 (Yole Group). BSE’s growth is fueled by a growing base of power applications. Wide-bandgap materials such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) offer significant advantages over Silicon-based systems. Electric vehicles are a prime example of a high-growth product most of us see every day. Increased power density packaged into smaller and lighter power electronics is crucial. BSE’s customers are on the cutting edge of advanced high-power devices. Our Zeus High-Voltage solutions provide the reliable testing performance needed to keep them moving forward.

Other Devices – Research and Development

BSE’s innovative Panacea Pick-and-Place test handler is designed for high-production and pre-production environments. Panacea’s open architecture and Active Thermal Control (ATC) provide the ideal test handler solution for customers who need flexibility.

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