“Megatrends Driving Technology Revolution”

Automotive Electronics

The automotive industry is quickly becoming one of the largest developers and consumers of semiconductors. Megatrends in autonomous driving and electric powered solutions will fuel double-digit market growth over the next half a decade (Yole Group). Automotive applications are some of the most persistent drivers of BSE’s business today and into the future. We provide proven, reliable test handler solutions for devices such as pressure MEMS and high-voltage power devices.  

Global Electrification

We are experiencing an energy revolution like no other in history. With this megatrend, the demand for better efficiency, low power loss, smaller devices that operate in grueling temperature extremes is building. Advanced III-V materials such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride are making this possible and are scaling in volume. High-voltage devices exceeding 14 kV peak are now being productized in volume. With this comes the need for a test handler solution that can safely and effectively test these devices. BSE test handler technologies for high-voltage devices set an industry benchmark of performance for the most challenging power devices.

Collaborative Technologies

Augmented and virtual reality interfaces are now moving from science fiction to real-world, practical applications. These technology advancements are leading to a communications interface the world has never experienced. Imagine real-time, virtual collaboration between groups divided by thousands of miles, but feeling like they are in the same room. Or life-saving surgeries happening in real time with specialized medical professionals around the world. It is possible and, in fact, reality today. AR and VR naturally provide an intriguing way to communicate. In turn, they must be underpinned by faster and more integrated communications networks and edge computing systems. BSE is a premier provider of state-of-the-art test automation solutions. Our products handle packaged semiconductor and consumer electronics components that are a part of today’s expanding collaborative technologies. 

Privatization of the aerospace industry is driving new dimensions of speed and technology change to support ambitious missions to space. As we venture closer to new discoveries, semiconductors are crucial to success. More efficient materials and integrated device architectures are the new normal in this rapidly developing industry. BSE’s customers are developing some of the most advanced solutions that will someday propel humankind to Mars and beyond.

Medical Devices

The healthcare industry is reliant on advancing semiconductor manufacturing technologies. Incredible Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) that sense pressure & motion, highly networked communications, medical imaging and portable devices for at-home healthcare are just a few examples of how medical technology is changing people’s lives for the better.  

Ai & Big Data

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise fueling a new generation of speed and automation that is providing a path to a more creative and productive world. At its very foundation is a mind-boggling amount of data and computing power used in machine learning. As AI becomes pervasive in our daily lives, demand for faster and more specialized semiconductors grows. In response the industry continues to innovate smaller devices as well as large integrated architectures to fuel the engine. Many of the hardware components used in AI are tested on BSE’s world-class handler platforms and we continue to innovate as the rate of change accelerates.  

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