Careers at Boston Semi Equipment

We are looking for talented people to join our team. Motivated by the growing need for smart automation solutions, Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) thrives on solving complex technology problems with smart, production-ready solutions.

BSE’s biggest accomplishments are the result of close customer partnerships that challenge our team to push the edges of technology and deliver exceptional value both for today and tomorrow.

Why We Work At BSE

Hidden behind your smartphone is a world of semiconductor devices that power your ability to communicate and access information instantly. Since its founding, Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) has helped semiconductor device manufacturers achieve highly productive, scaled testing of these small components to keep you communicating day in and day out.

We are energized by the success of our customers. Our greatest achievements are always the result of close collaboration and focus on delivering the right solutions to complex automation challenges.

We are a nimble, growing company with a talented team of professionals working in an environment of quick decision making and little bureaucracy. We are always looking for new talent to join our team!

BSE Core Values

Customer First

Everything we do is focused on maximizing productivity for our customers 


We value our employees. We succeed together.

Integrity & Ethics

Doing what’s right and making a positive impact on our world is essential to our success. 

Creative Thinking

New ideas are constantly needed to keep pace with technology. 

Hear From Our Team Members


Engineer – Billerica, MA, U.S.A. Office

“Working at BSE is a very rewarding experience. The highly innovative field we are in has our team working with the latest technologies, constantly learning new skills, and ensures you never get bored. The company honors hard work and offers growth as well as encourages furthering one’s education. It is a great feeling to work at a company where you know you are valued and respected. The leaders of the company truly care about the people they employ and work hard to offer modern benefits, competitive salaries, and flexible programs that work for everyone. I look forward to continuing my career as a BSE employee.”

Ms. Goh


“I’ve shared with Co-CEOs Colin and Gary that I’m fortunate to work under their leadership. They encourage the kind of environment where ideas and opinions are respected and shared openly. I enjoy being part of a global team of colleagues working together in the best interests of customers, shareholders and employees.

I manage the full spectrum of costing, financial accounting, budgeting and human resources across Southeast Asia. My responsibilities allow me to communicate openly across many time zones and cultures while addressing a wide range of issues. I look forward to many more years at BSE.”


Engineer – Billerica, MA, U.S.A. Office

“I am grateful to be part of BSE’s talented and diverse engineering team. Over the years, I have been given the opportunity to learn and further develop my technical skills to serve our customers better. BSE’s products and services are highly engineered to meet specific customer requirements allowing exposure to a variety of challenges. Work is always interesting and engaging.

We are blazing the trail in semiconductor handling automation technology within our Panacea and Zeus product lines. I am very excited about where this company is headed as we continue to grow and improve our technology.”

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