Boston Semi Equipment Develops Custom Automation Modules for Strip Handling Equipment

BILLERICA, Mass. – Jan. 31, 2018 – Boston Semi Equipment (BSE), a global semiconductor test handler manufacturer and provider of test automation technical services, today announced that it has started shipping units of its new strip load/unload module to a top 10 semiconductor manufacturer. The automation modules handle magazines containing strips holding semiconductor devices. The freestanding modules dock to strip-processing equipment via a SMEMA-compliant interface. Operators set up and control the modules using a color touch-screen monitor.

“BSE’s custom engineering group works with semiconductor companies to provide them the exact automation solutions they require,” said Kevin Brennan, vice president of marketing for BSE. “Our multidisciplined team started with our customer’s specification for the strip automation module, and handled the project from concept through to manufacturing of final units. With our global service organization, we can support these modules anywhere in the world.”

BSE’s custom engineering group helps companies accelerate their internal product development activities. Working with BSE, companies can implement cost savings and productivity improvement solutions sooner, helping to grow their market share and improve profits.

About Boston Semi Equipment

Boston Semi Equipment LLC provides test automation products and technical services to semiconductor manufacturers and OSATs worldwide. Our solutions address customer requirements for improving test cell productivity and maximizing the uptime for semiconductor test cells. BSE’s mission is to provide products and services to our customers that are the industry benchmark for quality, performance and reliability. Visit for more information.

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