Boston Semi Equipment Receives New Order For High Voltage Partial Discharge Handler

BILLERICA, Mass. – Aug. 15, 2017 – Boston Semi Equipment (BSE), a global semiconductor test handler company, announced today it has received a new order for its high voltage partial discharge (HVPD) solution on the Zeus gravity test handling system. The order, for a quad site handler, comes from a top 20 semiconductor company that selected BSE’s solution because it is capable of positioning up to eight devices for testing and is designed for the high voltages it needs to use in the testing of its packages.

“Boston Semi Equipment has a proven high voltage solution,” said Mike Kerrigan, vice president of sales for BSE. “Our HVPD handlers are in use around the world and our installed base continues to grow as more companies turn to Boston Semi Equipment to meet challenging handling requirements.”

The HPVD solution using the Zeus system is capable of octal-site testing and integrates special materials and test site design needed for effective and safe testing at very high voltages. In addition, the Zeus system’s device handling mechanisms have been optimized to ensure the effectiveness of high-voltage tests.

About Boston Semi Equipment

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