Boston Semi Equipment Introduces xCEL Series of Turret Test Handlers

BILLERICA, Mass. – February 23, 2017 – Boston Semi Equipment (BSE), a leading global semiconductor test handler company, today introduced its xCEL series of high-speed, high-accuracy turret handlers. The new xCEL handlers are ideal for wearables and related markets where precise handling of very small or very thin parts and higher throughput are essential requirements.

“The xCEL turret handlers offer all the finishing options customers need,” said Kevin Brennan, Vice President, Marketing at BSE. “What sets the xCEL handlers apart is their flexibility and innovative features, which provide a level of performance not matched in the market.”

The xCEL turret systems deliver innovative features, such as:

  • Patented precise plunge distance and force control for higher test yield
  • Scalable design that allows customers to reconfigure handlers within their own facility
  • Dynamic recentering during processing for precise test site alignment
  • Hard dock to testers
  • Hot test

BSE’s turret handler models have configurations with up to 32 test and finishing stations and one to 16 test sites for handling SOT, SO, QFN, BGA and wafer-level packages.

Boston Semi Equipment’s xCEL turret handlers offer throughput up to 50,000 units per hour (test time and application dependent). These handling and finishing systems offer options for laser mark, inspection (lead, mark, 2D, 3D 5S and in-pocket), test contacting (one to 16 sites), input media (bowl, tape, tray, tube, waffle pack or wafer) and output media (tape, tray, bulk or tube). All systems from BSE come with an outstanding level of service from BSE’s global team of highly trained service technicians.

About Boston Semi Equipment

Boston Semi Equipment LLC provides automation solutions and repair services to semiconductor manufacturers and OSATs worldwide. Our solutions address customer requirements for test automation products and the services to keep semiconductor test cells up and running. Our goals are to lower equipment costs and increase equipment uptime for our customers.

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