Boston Semi Equipment Launches Zeus High Performance Gravity Handler, Performance Meets Affordability

BILLERICA, Mass. – July 14, 2015 – Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) today announced the release of its Zeus high performance gravity feed handler. The machine brings to the industry a unique combination of performance and affordability.

“The trend over the last several years at the high performance end of the gravity market has been one of continually increasing prices,” commented Colin Scholefield, Boston Semi Equipment Executive Vice President. “Our Zeus handler has all the performance needed in a full function gravity handler with specialized configurations for high frequency, high voltage and MEMS applications. All priced to deliver excellent value.”

The Zeus handler throughput of 20,500 units per hour, full tri-temperature operation and x1 to x8 test site capability are more than enough performance for the majority of today’s gravity applications. The consistent and reliable production performance of the Zeus handler is the result of experience gained from over 4,000 handlers that came before it. Zeus provides the performance the industry needs at a price that is easier on a company’s capital budget.

All Boston Semi Equipment handlers are supported by experienced handler service technicians who are providing industry leading support every day.

About Boston Semi Equipment
Boston Semi Equipment LLC (BSE) provides equipment and services to semiconductor manufacturers and OSATs worldwide. Our solutions address customer requirements for testing, handling, inspecting and manufacturing semiconductors. BSE helps customers maintain maximum uptime by providing a broad range of service and support products. Our goal is to lower equipment costs for our customers. Visit for more information.

Company Contact
Colin Scholefield
Boston Semi Equipment
Tel: +1 781 273 0090

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Amy Smith
Impress Labs
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